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We’re having quite a warm winter so far and I hope it continues because that’s what I like about the South; celebrating Thanksgiving with the windows open. May your Winter Solstice be filled with Light and have yourself a Merry Little Christmastime!

  • Fri 11th: New Moon in Sagittarius – The final Feng Shui area of the home is Benefactors/Compassion. From the point of view of the front door, it’s the farthest right hand side. Colors are grey, white & black. Place items like photos of those you’re a benefactor to and from whom you receive, in this space. A Buddha statue, yin/yang, and the like are symbols of compassion. For more tips, feel free to contact me at
  • Mon 21st: Happy Birthday Capricorn and Happy Winter Solstice!
  • Fri 25th: Merry Christmas! And, Full Moon in Cancer
  • Fri Jan 1st: Happy New Year! Please be careful if you’re driving tonight and call a cab if necessary.
“The Christian Bible is a symbolic book, not a literal one. The one Christians know as Jesus was actually a symbol for the sun. Ancient sun worshippers believed the sun died at the end of the winter solstice and then three days later it would be reborn at the start of its cycle – December 25.” – David Icke

Spirit Connections & After Party
Saturday, December 12th
7:00 – 9:00pm (Party Until)
$20.00 or
$10.00 w/2 Canned Goods for Harvest Hope Food Bank
My place (directions given at registration)

Please join me in my home for my annual Winter Solstice Spirit Connections and After Party. I’ll connect you with your passed loved ones, spirit guides and past lives. Bring a photo of someone you’d like to connect with. It’s not necessary but can help the process. And, I’ll answer your questions, helping you to make contact on your own. Please stay for the After Party where we’ll “Jump the Cauldron” the Celtic tradition of releasing the old to make way for the New Year. Contact me today to reserve your spot(s).

Host Your Own Gathering - Spirit Connections
Please click here for details and contact me for an estimate

Mini Spirit Connections
I offer Mini Spirit Connections in my home. Please click here for details and contact me for an estimate.

$115.00 per hour for In Person, By Phone and Skype Readings
$55.00 for 1/2 hour Phone Readings
(All phone readings require payment in advance)

SERVICES: Psychic, Medium, Tarot, Dreams, Numerology, Feng Shui, Spirit Cleansings, Life Coaching and More.
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A Prayer for Guidance Through the Darkness
By: Yancy Lael

Wild Women [and Men], push us into the cauldron, swirling us into the darkest depths of the earth. Let us emerge with mud in our hair, snails on our feet, and lichen on our arms. Let owls, ravens, and starlings fly in our wake – wolves, cats, and snakes follow our footsteps. Let our spines become as thick and strong as the redwood. Our power is endless. Our strength is staggering. Our creativity has no boundaries. Our possibilities are limitless.

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